Friday, January 23, 2009

McKale's bday

Sometimes it's nice not to worry about what's going to happen. To just enjoy the NOW. Well, I did not really have anything planned for today. I only know that it's my ds 2nd birthday, and that we're going to pick up Ate Khriss from Worcester Ma for her scheduled sleep over at our house. But before I forget, I have to hurry home from picking Khriss up since Steph and her kids will be at the house and then I've got a call from Gerry that they're also going to come. She's with her three kids. And I've yet to meet the last addition to their family! Her new 3month old baby, Christian! I'm going to meet him for the first time. Ohh the cuddly little babies are just a joy to behold! Gerry and her kids arrived around 6:30pm. We were finishing the spring rolls and the Philippine style spaghetti then, they help me finish up in the kitchen, then we shared our blessings, including the cake that Gerry bought for my ds.

Thank you guys for coming and for sharing in our happy moments! tfr

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