Sunday, January 11, 2009

Craft Night #4

It was my turn to host the Crafty Ladies party this month. I was a little nervous since it's my first time but my group mates are so supportive of me that I cannot complain.

I made vegetarian spring rolls in addition to my regular ones and vegetarian bijon and a regular bijon since our president is vegetarian. It was fun to make some vegetarian meal since I rarely make them. It's all worth the time and effort when my guests enjoyed the meal. They had seconds, and "seconds-and-a-half's". I also want to thank Amy, Nancy, Carolyn, and Tina for bringing desserts.

We made "dna - bracelets" and I could not complain about any of my students. They all tried to get an A in the rubric (lol). Everyone had fun (I think) and went home happy with the memories and ... what else but the bracelet they just made!

For all of you ladies, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I enjoyed your company! tfr

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