Saturday, January 24, 2009

McKale's 2nd bday!

Today marks another celebration ~ to give thanks and rejoice ~ for another 365 days that we spend our lives with our ds, McKale! We are so glad he's happy, healthy, and growing (in love)...

This birthday cake was made by the local dairy farm. Our favorite ~ Wright's dairy farm.

Our ds blowing his candle with dad's help.

After we shared the ice cream, cake, and some of my dish, we then shared a microphone to do karaoke, and opened the gifts. Auntie Sue and Zak gave our ds this awesome guitar! Lola Connie ~ savings bond and a music book, Brit-Brat ~ some shirts that are looking forward to summer! A lovely card from Ate Khriss. We also thank Ate Khriss for the help in everything especially for taking those beautiful pix. In behalf of my ds, We thank you guys for your generosity. I originally told people that you're invited if you won't bring anything. I guess, they didn't hear it..... lol

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