Friday, January 2, 2009

An afternoon with Freddy

Carolyn and I had a blast today. We went to Tiverton to check out a new beadstore that she found online. It was a ride but I wasn't driving so i don't have any complaints. (hahaha) We proceeded to "visit" another "mom-n-pop" bead shop on the way back to her house. It's nice to sometimes go out with somebody you like to hang out with and one with the same inclination as yourself.I am thankful that I am blest with a new friend.

This is a picture I took of Carolyn...She is showing off the beads she just bought from Tiverton. It's so gorgeous! My little camera could not justify how pretty it is! Especially if you know that she got these freshwater pearls for almost a steal! Unlucky me, that was the only pack that's on sale. Anyway, I am happy for her.
Another bracelet that's freshly created by Car when I took this picture. I love the black and white combi! "It also scare the bad spirits away!"

Another look at the bracelet...

Best buds, Freddy and Lucy... They both adorable. Freddy like to climp on me when I'm visiting. He likes to "help" me with my beading... He acts like a little kid, trust me, he does!

Carolyn is putting on her new bracelet for the first time. . .

Freddy is checking out my jewelry box. I think he recognizes that his mom made it for me!

" What have you got in here?"



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