Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 Things in my TO-DO List

Here's my to-do list to date: [this is the "super Me"]

1. play with my boys
2. prepare the garden
3. do "book" work
4. make jewelry with the beads I accumulated
5. scrapbook
6. make some cards
7. blog, EC drop
8. inventory
9. digi-scrap
10. housekeeping...

there are a lot more on my list... it does not end!

Monday, March 30, 2009

easter playdate

Here are some of the pictures I took at our easter playdate. There were five other toddlers in the house. This has been the largest play date we ever went! The most we went to prior to this was three - including my ds. I was a little concerned about how my ds will behave since he’s “deprived” of a lot of other little friends. Ds only has the babysitter's kids to play with on a regular basis (they're cute and they love him so much but they're much older) and us! Sometimes, he sees his cousins (who are way too old for his age group) at Nana's. So, one could imagine how things could go on the difficult side...

They started out at the host’s playroom with a lot of toys my ds and other kids could not decide what to play with first! There were times that it seems only one toy exists. With mom’s coaching and hinting kids to take turns, they just played happily. We then proceeded to color the eggs. My ds seemed like he has done it all along, hehehe! He loves to color but on papers so I helped him with decorating his egg. The pictures I posted here were carefully chosen to conceal the identity of other toddlers. I just want to play it safe.

1. kids coloring together 2. they were telling stories about the pictures 3. teamwork!

4. dsc04929-copy 5. dsc04913-copy 6. ds waiting for the egg to change color; egg was just dunked in the cup

7. dsc04920-copy 8. dsc04928-copy 9. we left with some goodies!

After they're done at the playroom, 1) they started to color - only one coloring book seemed to get noticed! but they were very good at sharing; 2) they took some time to talk about what they just colored (in their own words!); 3) teamwork!; 4) ds having trouble deciding which is his favorite color this time; 5) ds decorating the egg while mommy's holding it; 6) ds patiently waiting for the egg to turn green - he knows his color!; 7) ds putting fake grass in the paper basket; 8) his work of art - very proud of him - aww!; 9) we went home with some goodies!

Today, I thought it would be nice if I was some SAHM. I centainly enjoyed being with other moms and watching in amazement how my ds grew so fast! I wonder were I was when everything transpired! At any rate, today is a blessing! tfr!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday with Ana

My ds and I went to visit a newly-found friend of mine who has a three-year old son. Ds' new friend was very friendly and welcoming to us. He's very articulate for a 3-year old and he shared his toys! They enjoyed each others company as well as we had! tfr!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

PhotoHunt #13 - Hand

This is a hand that sticks on my beads, and such. (lol) My ds enjoys playing along with me! I enjoy every moment he wants to be on my lap while I am making some jewelry... Before I know it, he will be big enough to fit on my lap or too busy to be with his friends. I love the attention he gives me. tfr

C.I.A. #12

This picture was taken early in the morning when my ds woke me up with his "momma call", and some banging noise. To my surprise, he was already wide awake, and everything in his crib was out on the floor!

I'm still wondering how was he able to throw the mattress out of the crib! He was so happy here that I could not find it in my heart to be upset. He helped me put everything back in. tfr!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 Things I like doing on Vacation

1. sleep more
2. take a lot of pictures
3. eat out
4. stroll/ go sightseeing
5. sleep
6. play more
7. take more pictures
8. find beadstores
9. enjoy the water (beachbum!)
10. being "lazy" with my hubby!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jewelry session with Carolyn

I went to my df’s house to have a jewelry making session with her. I like the fact that I can get away with my “boys” for a few hours and have some girl-time. I’d like to thank my dh for giving that “breather” I enjoy being around constructive people and my df is one of them. Tfr!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

card making class #3

This month's Lesson on card making is using the ultra thick embossing using the melting pot. It was cool! As always, I enjoyed learning something new and creating something I have not done before.

Here are my goodies! We made a pin, a charm and a pendant. Maybe I can have my hands on a melting pot and some ultra thick embossing powder. I'd love to do this again... soon! tfr!

PhotoHunt #12 - yellow

It's Saturday once more, and today's theme on photohunter is yellow. I browse through my big bulk of digi pictures and found this pretty yellow buttercup squash flower. tfr!

C.I.A. #11

I chose this picture on my weekly CIA for my ds. You can see that he's waving his hand toward the direction of the green salad. I have a little picky eater and I don't get tired offering him anything that I think might tickle his palate. :) He ended up eating half of it and fed me the rest!

I am glad that my camera takes a pic without the flash, he did not really know that I was "stalking" on him. tfr!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

just my day!

Today is the second day in a row that I am late for work! It bothers me to insanity! I am not sure why I cannot be where I want to be when I want to be!!! ugh! I promise tomorrow will be better! Tomorrow is another day.

Disclaimer: Late to work means later than I normally expected.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Craft Night #6

This month's Craft is hosted by Nancy. She lives quite a ways from us but the drive was not a problem since SS and I carpooled. She served as my gps while I managed the wheel. It was great to have someone to chat with while driving. I enjoyed the drive, I hope she did, too.

We decorated the back of a regular hand mirror. I was not really sure what to and how to design mine, the colors are overwhelming, but in the end I settled for a random, out-of-nowhere design. I love it. After that, I had to design 2 other smaller hand mirrors.

I am contemplating on doing one of these with my niece when she sleeps over. I think she will enjoy it.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

C.I.A. #10

Friday, ds and dh stays home while I go to work. This picture was taken just before I left for work. Ds is so involved in reading his book that he didn't mind me leaving. :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday night Hang-out

Friday nights is the time my babysitter (and df) and I hang out to scrapbook or just chat. Tonight, we decided to make spring rolls! Her dh bought her a new food processor for the kind of spring roll I make. We used turkey for the meat and the vegetables are the same, (carrots, onion, scallions, cabbage, and pretty much whatever you want), then fried them in a boiling hot evoo.

We had two different kinds of "paper" (as what my df calls the springroll wrapper). I thought it was cute... She got some wrapper from a grocery chain while I got mine from my friend's store who sells Asian foods and vegetable. We decided we need to get the wrappers from the Asian Store because it works great for the mixture that we made.

Df is getting adept at wrapping the rolls now that if you just look at the finish product, you would think that you bought the rolls from a Chinese buffet somewhere. I am so glad she enjoys my dish and does not mind preparing it for her and her family. tfr!

Photo Hunt #11 - Four

For this week's theme, I was pondering on taking a picture of a four-leaf clover... but who am I kidding??? There's still mound of ice in my garden and there's no way I can be that lucky! Instead of whining about what I cannot have, I thought of taking pictures of my ds with any three kids during the party we attended this Sunday. I never realized how difficult the task was until I was trying to keep these lively kids still. Here are my take on the theme ~ FOUR.4 kids playing under the table
please don't ask me how many times some of them bump their heads...
they're too cute!
4 kids happily anticipating desserts4 kids enjoying their treats!4 kids playing 4 kids taking some rest!

Monday, March 9, 2009

monday, monday

Behind the dark cloud is Mr. Sun! I need to see the mr sun - I need to see the goodness out of the bad, and "the beauty in the tragedy" as what my df puts it nicely.

Statistics say that Monday is the most stressful day of the week. It's the day of the week when most people admit themselves, or go to the doctor/hospital for heart ailments. It's triple stressful when a Monday falls close to a weekend.

I am feeling this stress really badly. From people at work.... to dear mil at the pcu... to the .... I know I will go on and on at this... I am going to stop now.

The new mantra for me is: "I can't control anyone but MY actions."


Saturday, March 7, 2009

C.I.A. #9

Here's my ds reading the numbers in the elevator. He is really into it that he did not even mind me taking a picture. Normally, he would turn his head away from me when he knows I am pulling my camera out to take a pic.

He can read his letters and numbers with out a doubt - this time, he's making a career of it (it seems). tfr!

Friday, March 6, 2009

PhotoHunt #10 - Space

This week's theme is space. Here are my take on that...

The pictures above depict my little new hobby corner that my dh made for me. I really appreciate all that he did for my little space! The other picture shown below makes me realize how minute my little space is compared to what my camera can capture!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another snow day... in paradise~

This winter weather is not getting to be any funnier than this. We have a good 10 inches outside and the radio is talking about us getting 4 inches (yet again!!) this afternoon. I guess, I'll just enjoy this little time off from work.


My new found blogger friend, Dhoy, was so kind to spread this lovin' award. Thank you very much for this award. This is my first blog award ever! I'd like to spread this award to as many bloggers as I can, so feel free to grab this award - you are definitely welcome to.

These kind bloggers aim to find one another and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of this award are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who can choose eight more and include this text into the body of their award.
I want to pass some lovin' to Mira, Babettte, Lou, lanie, Carlota.