Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Weekend

My df dropped her "babies" off for me to take care while she and her hubby went to buy something for their kid's gifts for xmas. I thought that it would be cool for us to switch role this time... this df of mine is my ds babysitter. I did not think twice before agreeing to take care of her kids. I love them so much and they love my little son... what else is there to ask for?

Her kids and I decided to spend our afternoon making cookies and playing outside. It was a bit chilly out this afternoon but that didn't stop them from having fun! The picture above exhibits just how much they had enjoyed the afternoon in our little yard! We keep going in and out of the house for a "re-charge".

My df picked them up after a couple of hours as they promised. I actually wished they were late, but they weren't. .. so I just have to let them go...

My dh, ds and I proceeded to my mil house for a visit. One of the things I love about dh is that he loves, takes time, and take good care of mil. We were glad to visit and to know that mil is doing great. Ds and her had a little time with a book together. It was just a sight to see!

We then went to visit aunty and uncle and played with their cats Devil and Trouble. When ds realized we had to go home since he had a homework needs to be done. I wished there were more than 24 hours in a day...

Our weekend is one of those that I like. It's nice to spend time with people you care about.

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