Saturday, November 15, 2008

Craft Night #2

The drive from Worcester was not that bad. I arrived to my destination on time (i guess) after dropping mds to his daddy so I can be with the crafty ladies. It's Sonya's turn to host the craft tonight. We are going to embellish a wooden frame with scented pinecones! I cannot wait to get my little hands on them! I am not that artistic in this department but I am not afraid to make mistakes and laugh at it...

Here are some of our pix:

caution: ladies at work exhibit #1

Carolyn and I

Our generous host, Sonya, her baby, and friends

exhibit #2

exhibit #3

exhibit #4
exhibit #5 (mine!)
ps- Sorry ladies if I did not label who did which - I'd like to give credit where it is due. . . that's the reason why I just labeled them exhibits. tfr

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