Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am Thankful for. . .

1. the really adorable smile my son exudes when he knows momma thinks he's cute!
2. my "boys" showering me with kisses when I get "booboo's"
3. mds and mdh are healthy and happy
4. my dear brother still fighting and getting stronger
5. nanay got a good news from somewhere
6. being able to get up early in the morning
7. being able to get mds ready and going for his own day...
8. students are "nicer" these days
9. actually (refer to #8) I am really focused on a very few good ones...
10. a lot of piles of paper work on my desk when I left it work- -
11. a nice time chatting with friends on the phone
12 knowing that i am cared for
13 being capable of caring for people
14 gas in here is about $1.91 about 3 dollars cheaper than last year (around this time)
15 the aroma of different pies mdh baked
16 the family being united
17 the fact that I am still sane ( at least I think I still am)
18 the amount of beads I accumulated --- and still loving them!
19 the talent that was given me
20 making a little difference in the lives of young people
21 being loved
22 the laughter that fills our home
23 my adopted family being nice to me
24 my co-workers and other people's kindness to me
25 all the pictures I collected of my ds when he was little... I am not planning to stop clicking anytime soon...
26I'm still breathing . . .

and i am thankful that I can find the thankfulness in my heart despite some challenges.

I hope that somehow people can think about things they can be thankful for... tfr

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