Friday, April 17, 2009

trip to the zoo

It's been a week since I did not have to wake up early to go to work! We planned on going to the zoo today. I called my df and babysitter for her service tomorrow; in our conversation, she had mentioned about going to the zoo also but a different one. I know our ds missed her kids already so I figured we can still change our venue since we haven't bought our tickets yet! Off we went to the public library where we can buy our tickets for less expensive price than buying it from the zoo, the largest one in New England. They also have different passes for different family-oriented places.

On our way there, dh decided to give me a tour of the house he helps renovating (picture: 3rd column, 2nd row). It was a tour! That house is grand; but that's for a different post. After my little tour of that mansion, we were off to see the lions!

We arrived at the zoo around noontime. I was hoping to see my df right away so we can spend time at the zoo together. We did not find them soon enough, so we went on the route we normally go. Today, is just a lucky day for us, I guess! Dondi, the Gentle Giant Elephant - my ds' favorite in the zoo, is having her show in 5 minutes! We waited, watched in amazement, and enjoyed ourselves. While enjoying the show, I also learned that she's about my age and came from Thailand. She stands 8 1/2 feet tall, and she weighs about 8,000 pounds!

Phil, the trainer, uses positive reinforcement to train Dondi to do tricks and make other animal sounds. It's amazing!

After the show, we went to find my df while looking at some animals along the way. It was just a perfect day to be outside. We found my df and her family on our way to the petting zoo and the skyfari. It was fun to see the kids hug each other like they have not seen each other for decades!

Overall, it's a great trip and Dondi was the attention grabber! tfr

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