Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bonding with Khriss

Last Friday, my dh, ds, and I went to witness our very df do her proposal for her dissertation. Please don't ask me about what she presented. The formulas are so beyond me! Her topic was about "Benchmarking Finite Population Means for Small Areas Using Multivariate Bayesian Regression Model". Okay so, I did not really know her lingo but I know after her long speech (more than an hour), we will have bonding time at my house!

I always enjoy being around her. She's the little sister I must long for since I was little! She's a fashionable geek, very down to earth, very loyal, and most of all she adores our little ds *wink/jk. She's one of life's little blessings that come along our journey of life. There are not any dull moments with her.


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