Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday night Hang-out

Friday nights is the time my babysitter (and df) and I hang out to scrapbook or just chat. Tonight, we decided to make spring rolls! Her dh bought her a new food processor for the kind of spring roll I make. We used turkey for the meat and the vegetables are the same, (carrots, onion, scallions, cabbage, and pretty much whatever you want), then fried them in a boiling hot evoo.

We had two different kinds of "paper" (as what my df calls the springroll wrapper). I thought it was cute... She got some wrapper from a grocery chain while I got mine from my friend's store who sells Asian foods and vegetable. We decided we need to get the wrappers from the Asian Store because it works great for the mixture that we made.

Df is getting adept at wrapping the rolls now that if you just look at the finish product, you would think that you bought the rolls from a Chinese buffet somewhere. I am so glad she enjoys my dish and does not mind preparing it for her and her family. tfr!

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