Monday, March 30, 2009

easter playdate

Here are some of the pictures I took at our easter playdate. There were five other toddlers in the house. This has been the largest play date we ever went! The most we went to prior to this was three - including my ds. I was a little concerned about how my ds will behave since he’s “deprived” of a lot of other little friends. Ds only has the babysitter's kids to play with on a regular basis (they're cute and they love him so much but they're much older) and us! Sometimes, he sees his cousins (who are way too old for his age group) at Nana's. So, one could imagine how things could go on the difficult side...

They started out at the host’s playroom with a lot of toys my ds and other kids could not decide what to play with first! There were times that it seems only one toy exists. With mom’s coaching and hinting kids to take turns, they just played happily. We then proceeded to color the eggs. My ds seemed like he has done it all along, hehehe! He loves to color but on papers so I helped him with decorating his egg. The pictures I posted here were carefully chosen to conceal the identity of other toddlers. I just want to play it safe.

1. kids coloring together 2. they were telling stories about the pictures 3. teamwork!

4. dsc04929-copy 5. dsc04913-copy 6. ds waiting for the egg to change color; egg was just dunked in the cup

7. dsc04920-copy 8. dsc04928-copy 9. we left with some goodies!

After they're done at the playroom, 1) they started to color - only one coloring book seemed to get noticed! but they were very good at sharing; 2) they took some time to talk about what they just colored (in their own words!); 3) teamwork!; 4) ds having trouble deciding which is his favorite color this time; 5) ds decorating the egg while mommy's holding it; 6) ds patiently waiting for the egg to turn green - he knows his color!; 7) ds putting fake grass in the paper basket; 8) his work of art - very proud of him - aww!; 9) we went home with some goodies!

Today, I thought it would be nice if I was some SAHM. I centainly enjoyed being with other moms and watching in amazement how my ds grew so fast! I wonder were I was when everything transpired! At any rate, today is a blessing! tfr!

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