Friday, February 20, 2009


I went to my df's house to try my skill on stamping. Guess what, I think I went overboard just stamping all afternoon! I thought it was fun just trying all the beautiful stamps my df has! This girl has all the stamps you can imagine! The day was not enough to even have the chance to look at each one... I am glad she opened her drawers of stamps for me. I went through the 4th drawer and I was happy... I did not have the chance to count how many drawers there were ~ just so many! :)

I realize that stamping is a very relaxing (as well as very addicting) hobby. The time I spent at her house was very "fruitful" now I just have to grab someone to use the stamps I made so "I can justify why I have way too many" - hahaha! [This quote sounds so familiar]

My stamping venture was a little overwhelming if my best buddy freddy did not help me... He is a cutie! He likes to help and never fails to do so whenever I am at her mom's house.
Freddy playing next to me. He even tried to stamp his paw on my paper...
My best, Purrfect Friend Freddy was a big help today!
A photogenic Freddy and I! I had to take this picture for someone before I bid goodbye!

Ethel is such a cutie, too! She's photogenic as well..

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