Saturday, December 20, 2008

gifts for McKale

For our ds, my dh and I decided to get him a little something to open on the Christmas morning. We bought him a collector's edition Hess Truck, this is our little tradition for him. He really loves trucks and vehicles of any kind that we thought getting him a truck that sounds like one would be cool!

We also got him some socks and shirts from Gymboree and children's place(my favorite kids' store)! I thought that that was too much, gosh! They're so expensive! I guess our ds deserves some nice clothes once a year. (I am just so used to hand-me-downs, good wills, consignments clothes, etc).

The best gift of all, that I know for sure we can offer him, is our love, attention, and care. I hope that we can instill that in him as he grows up.

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