Tuesday, October 28, 2008

home parties

I wonder what you think about home parties... I make handmade jewelry on the side and made a lot of them. Now, I am contemplating on selling them at home parties (maybe). . . Anyway, I share this idea to a friend of mine and got a reaction that made me think about it again.

According to her, if you go to home parties, you are obligated to buy the product and it is "not nice" not to. But my main reason to have a home party is to share my talent and expose my product to people. If they like it and buy it would be nice too but I would not be offended if they won't like my product or they won't buy it at all. How do I make it so they won't feel obligated to buy? My opinion about this whole obligation thing is that - most people want to be "nice" and not offensive to the host by purchasing an item they won't ever going to use and they don't like even just a bit. I think that would be more offensive.

Anyway, in my own little culture, it's okay not to buy anything at home parties. Be honest to yourself and the host sure will appreciate it. I know I will. To the hosts of home parties I went to and did not buy any, I apologize if I have offended you by being honest. I thought of apologizing in person but this friend of mine suggested it would not be a good idea. I think she knows better about the culture than myself. I am still learning the culture I am in.

I don't mind learning at all and I don't mind being wrong. Being wrong is just another chance to learn. I know I learned something new today.tfr

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